Asian chicken and broccoli inspiration

I love Asian foods, but I find that I don’t think to make them too often. In the last few weeks, I’ve been trying dishes from PrepDish so it’s thank to her that I have this picture of Chicken and Broccoli to share with you today. The original recipe called for beef, not chicken, but since I already had chicken in the freezer, I decided to use it instead.

You’ll need to check out PrepDish on our own to get the exact recipe, but I feel comfortable telling you more aobut her recipe and what adaptions I made. Honestly, it’s straightforward enough that you probably can use it for inspiration, even without the exact recipe.   Originally, it’s beef and broccoli with a sauce made from freshly grated ginger, sesame oil, tamari and garlic. As I noted, I used chicken instead. Plus, I added in some thinly sliced onions and a few slices of red, yellow and green peppers, as well, when I stir fried the broccoli.

It’s a great recipe that can easily be prepped and cooked on any weeknight in less than an hour. This was served over quinoa that I made on Sunday and reheated.