Can I offer you a freshly baked cookie?

I’ve been using a sample meal plan from Prep Dish this week and having a blast with it. It made grocery shopping so easy and helped keep me from buying one of every vegetable in the store.  The meals have been very good. We are not necessarily gluten-free, but the meal plan is geared that way.  It is a “real food” menu plan that is healthy and I’m debating signing up for a month to see if I like it on a regular basis.

The plan includes four meals, a salad, a breakfast and a dessert. The dessert was peanut butter cookies. I gotta admit I was skeptical of them, since they were gluten free, but I was surprised. With only three ingredients (well, four, since I added the optional dark chocolate chips), they are simple to make and taste very good. Mine got a little over baked, but I’ll know better for next time.

You just mix medjool dates, egg and natural peanut butter together in the food processor, then mix in the chocolate chips and make into cookies. You bake them and that’s it!  Check out her recipe here and enjoy!