Mini meatloaves with garlic sweet potatoes

Last night for dinner, we had mini meatloaves with garlic sweet potatoes and homemade “Almond Joy” candies. We are taking the “real food” manifesto to a new level by trying out the Fast Metabolism diet. (BTW, the diet is working and pretty easy to follow as you can design your own menus.)

With this diet, we are eating A LOT of vegetables, which if good, but you’ll probably see that reflected in my latest recipes.

Here’s the details on this meal:

Mini meatloaves — these were made with ground beef, zucchini (pulled from my freezer stash), grated carrots and some spices. I topped a few of them with my homemade pizza sauce just see how that tasted. I liked the ones with the pizza sauce on them better than the plain ones. TM liked them both.

Garlic sweet potatoes — In the last few years, I’ve discovered I like sweet potatoes. I always thought that I didn’t but it’s just that I don’t like them when they are made “sweet” with brown sugar and cinnamon, etc.  I love them cooked in a savory way and I found a recipe for garlic mashed sweet potatoes. I really enjoyed them. TM wanted his prepared “sweet” next time — go figure!

Homemade “Almond Joys” — These were an experiment. We are not eating any sugar — NONE. I think cutting it out completely has helped me not crave it. For a treat (after 3 1/2 weeks on this diet), I wanted to try making these. You mix coconut oil with powdered cocoa and some Stevia. Then mix in unsweetened coconut and slivered almonds. They were good but not great, in my opinion.   We may make them again and just drizzle a bit of chocolate onto the nuts and almonds.

Here are links to the recipes I used:

Mini meatloaves —

Mashed Sweet Potatoes —