Hot! Hot! Hot!

We’ve been staying down at “the lakes” for most of the month of August in our camper, taking advantage of some nice HOT weather. But that didn’t mean the garden stopped growing. So, we’ve been heading home about every 4-5 days to check on things, harvest what we could and even taking a few hours to freeze some of our vegetables, mainly tomatoes.

Last time we were home, TM picked about a dozen of these Super Chili peppers. I wanted to dehydrate them which takes more than 24 hours, so I packed the dehydrator into the car and took it to the camper with me. This was the second batch of chilis that I dried this year and we only have may 100 (not kidding!) on the plant still. They are turning red pretty gradually.

Last time, I quartered them before drying, but this time, I just chopped off the stem and cut them in half. The 12 peppers turned in a tiny pile of dried chilis, but they pack a big punch. Watch out when you eat at my place this winter!