Make your own fresh salsa

I love fresh salsa and I forget how incredibly easy it is to make at home. Last night, I threw together just this single bowl, sat down in a lawn chair and polished it off with some chips.

Everyone has a difference “heat” sense with salsa, so I’m not going to provide quantities, but I’ll share with you what I included in my salsa and encourage you to experiment on your own. Taste it often and see where you end up. Note also that it might get a little hotter if you wait awhile before eating it.

My fresh salsa ingredients (at least for today!)

Fresh garden tomatoes, chopped into bite size pieces

Finely chopped red onion (also from my garden)

Finely chopped fresh jalapeno

Chopped peppers, any color

Fresh cucumbers, chopped into bite size pieces (not a conventional component of fresh salsa but a flavorful addition)

Lime juice (freshly squeezed would be best)

Ground cumin

Dried cilantro (but fresh would be even better)

Salt (be generous)