And more zucchini is ripening as we speak…

In keeping with my zucchini theme, last night I tried the whole wheat zucchini bread recipe from 100 Days of Real Food.

While mixing up the batter, I didn’t think the recipe was going to turn out. Before I added the zucchini, the batter was very dry, almost crumbly. I was so tempted to add some additional liquid to the recipe, but I forced myself to follow the recipe. After I added the shredded zucchini, it looks more like bread dough batter, although still kind of dry.

I baked my bread in the same pans that I use for my homemade granola bars, meaning that I ended up with small loaves of zucchini bread. They taste good, although TM said overall, he felt they needed butter or peanut butter on them, some sort of spread. I guess that’s why they are called bread and not muffins. I have been eating it “as is.” I think I’ll try them as muffins next time, just for ease of portion control.

We left out the nuts but I think next time I would try adding some walnuts for additional crunch and a slightly different flavor. As the recipe suggests, I used coconut oil. I warmed it up a little so it was in a liquid format. This was the first time I used coconut oil for baking, I think. One other thing, I had two “medium” sized zucchini and that made almost exactly 3 cups of shredded zucchini. I wasn’t sure if I would need of both when I started the recipe. Just a tip so you don’t get half way into the recipe and need to ask your neighbor for zucchini — lol!