Get the right kitchen tools to make “real food” even easier

I finished making dinner Sunday evening and while I was making my lunches for the week, it occurred to me that I was using many kitchen tools that I would never have used a few years ago. Here’s a rundown of how my kitchen has evolved….

Vidalia Onion Chopper — this is only a week old, but I think I’ve used it every day since I got it. I am constantly chopping some sort of fruit or vegetable for salads, or whatever, and this tool makes it super fast.  (To be honest, even before I started eating “real food,” I would have used this. I’ve always cooked with lots of produce.)

Salad dressing maker — Until very recently, I had never made my own salad dressing but it’s so easy. I got the salad dressing maker similar to the one shown but I’m wondering if just using a whisk or a container with a cover is just as easy. I may not keep it?

Super fast blender – I got a Vitamix about a year ago, and I think I use it about every other week or so. (I had a blender for years but only used it maybe annually.) Now I use it to make smoothies and hummus, but also other items occasionally. I made hummus quite a bit for snacks and lunches.

Rolling pin – for lunch this week, I made chicken salad with leftover chicken but, as usual, I had no bread. So, I whipped up a quick batch of whole wheat tortillas, requiring a rolling pin to flatten them before frying.

Stand mixer – the stand mixer that I have is a hand-me-down from TM’s grandmother, and I keep it right out on my kitchen counter. Sunday, I used it to mix up the tortillas, but I think I use it maybe twice a month for some batter, such as muffins, or pizza crust.

These tools (and maybe a bunch more like my food processor and tortilla press) help me save time while also meeting my goals of trying to eat more unprocessed foods.