Make your own “Juicy Lucy”

We had dinner last night out on the backyard patio, first time in a while since it finally stopped raining.  It was burgers stuffed with cheese (aka “juicy lucy“) along with cole slaw. This sounds pretty basic, but here’s some more random info on it. (Sorry, forgot to snap a pic)

  • We had some steaks that we had purchased in bulk that turned out to be kind of tough. So, TM used his sausage grinder to make our own hamburger last night for the burgers. He also ground up half an onion right into the burger mixture. This worked out well and we’ll use this idea to use up the remaining steaks that we have.
  • The burgers were stuffed with about an ounce of Bessy’s Best Olive Cheese from Sterling, ND. This was our first time making “juice lucy” burgers and I think they turned out delicious.
  • We made the burgers quite large and we agreed that smaller burgers would be better next time.
  • We had cole slaw with a vinaigrette-based dressing that I just made up. We were served cole slaw like this at a local restaurant recently and it was good. I wanted to recreate something like it so I put together some honey and cider vinegar, a little mustard, a little olive oil, some fresh parsley and celery seed. It was still too acidic so I added some water. The recipe will take some refining but overall I liked it.