A recipe for creamed tuna on toast, really?

Probably about 25 years ago (best estimate), I called my mother and asked her how to make creamed tuna on toast. She told me this recipe on the phone and I jotted it down on this card. I have to admit that I still refer to the card so many years later. Yeah, I know how to make a white sauce and I’m pretty sure I could make it without this recipe, but using this recipe ensures me the right proportions of all the ingredients. It’s just simpler this way. It’s also handy to make it in the microwave, as the recipe suggests — pretty foolproof.

I was looking for a simple recipe tonight and this was what came to mind. It just sounded good. I didn’t make it with whole wheat flour, but I just read on the Internet that it can be done that way so I’ll try that next time. We had it on whole wheat toast and used canned salmon instead canned tuna.


One thought on “A recipe for creamed tuna on toast, really?”

  1. I probably made up the recipe. Glad you still like it. Your readers probably need to know that one can of tuna will do, not 1 1/2 cups.

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