I love dried peaches!

As I write this, I’m having dried peaches from NatureBox for lunch. It seemed like the right time to tell you about one of my favorite snack sources. 

I subscribe to NatureBox and get five packages of varying snacks in the mail each month. It’s kind of spendy at $20 a month, but the snacks are delicisious and just right to have on hand for an occaionsl treat.  You can select the five snacks that you get, or you can choose “Surprise me” and they’ll help you select some or all of the snacks that month.

I just checked and right now the dried peaches aren’t an option, and I emailed them to let them know they were my favorite. Think chewy dried peaches with no added sweetener. Just plain awesome!

Some of their items would not qualify as real food, as they are sweetened or were processed with refined oils. I try to make good choices with an occasional items that is ‘pretty close.”

Here are some of my favorites that I’ve tried so far:

Wild Berry Bunch — a mixture of dried berries, does contain some natural sweetener (unnecessary in my opinion)

Zingy Currants — dried currants that are awesome on homemade granola bars

Dried Pears — again, no sweeteners added at all

Umami Roasted Nuts — a nut mixture containing almonds, cashews, peanuts and pumpkin seeds

Peppery Pistachios — Pistachios with sea salt and pepper

Cranberry Jubilee — a trail mix of pumpkin seeds, cranberries, sunflower seeds almonds, papaya, raisins, brazil nuts and apples. I’ve found that I really like nearly all of their trail mixes although I try to get them infrequently