Trying a new lunch item – Japanese rice “sandwich”

I heard of onigiri about a year ago when I was reading some posts on Food Babe’s blog. Onigiri is a Japanese rice ball that resembles a triangular-shaped sushi sandwich and can be filled with a variety of items to go with the rice.

I added the mold and the nori sheets to my Amazon wish list, but that was it. To be honest, I was just plain scared that I would not be able to make them, even those the post made it sound very easy. After my sushi making adventure a few weeks ago, I finally got up the courage to order the onigiri mold and wrappers.

So, for lunch this week, I’m having onigiri that I made on Sunday afternoon. I used short grain brown rice, which I still can’t believe takes nearly an hour to cook. I filled it with a mixture of carrots, green pepper, celery, banana pepper and cooked salmon.

Molding them was pretty easy. The rice did stick a little on one of them when I tried to remove the mold, but I was able to patch it and it looked fine. I also think my rice could have been just a little more dry.

I ended up watching Youtube video to see the wrapping technique. I even had to stop halfway through wrapping the frist one to see how where the tape was supposed to go. But, I have three onigiri for my lunchbox now and I’m looking forward to trying them.