What’s on your grocery list?

Last week, when a friend learned for the first time that I was trying to eat more “real food,” she said, “What do you eat?”  So I thought maybe seeing what I got at the grocery store for this week might be interesting.

Here’s what I brought home this week:


I’d say this is pretty typical for what I get each week, usually Sunday or Monday. I usually have a couple items jotted down that I need, but mainly, I buy fresh produce and one or two staple items that I’ve run out of.  This week, I started with a huge bag of Braeburn apples (first time I’ve seen them come in a bag and in this case, must cheaper. We’ll eat these; I really like them with peanut butter), bananas for breakfast, avocado, green pepper, Roma tomato, English cucumber, corn on the cob and cabbage. I usually just pick up whatever produce is on sale, since I really like nearly all fruits and vegetables. And, I may select a few items for a purpose, such as the cucumber because I wanted it for my lunch this week to dip in the hummus that I planned to make.

I got two cans of garbanzo beans to use to make the hummus. I keep asking Costco to stock garbanzo beans so I could get them in a larger quantity. I have dried chickpeas on hand but I haven’t yet tried them for making hummus because I don’t do the right planning to get them boiled first.

I’ve been craving pork chops, and they were on sale this week, along with the butter, which it turns out I didn’t really need. I had two packages just like this one in my freezer. And the Kavli crackers were definitely an impulse purchase. BTW, they are made with all “real food” items but I think may have more than 5 ingredients; still a pretty good choice. Finally, I got two Lara Bars, Cashew Cookie (an old favorite) and Key Lime Pie (one I haven’t tried before), which will probably end up in my lunches.