Norwegian girl makes sushi

My heritage comes from Norway, but as it turns out, I really have an adventurous approach to food and I like a lot more cuisines than what you might think of as the typical Norwegian bland food.

If you’ve been following this blog long, you’ve probably noticed that I like to try new foods, both in restaurants and when TM and I are cooking at home. I also love going out for sushi at a local restaurant, and I’ve been planning for a while to make my own.  I even got nori when I went to the local Asian market for the first time.

I finally picked up the bamboo rolling mat on a recent trip and placed an order for short grain brown rice, which I had trouble finding in Fargo.  So today was the day.

I looked at Ina Garten’s Vegetable Sushi Roll recipe for inspiration, but I more or less following the recipe from my old standby, Lisa Leake, who has had a recipe for homemade sushi with brown rice on her blog for more than two years.

I made the brown rice this morning and it had been cooling the rest of the day. When cooked, it was definitely sticky enough for sushi, even though it is not sold as “sushi rice.”  I followed the recipe except only used vegetables (blanched asparagus, carrots, cucumber, yellow peppers and orange peppers) and rice as filling. We do also like sushi made with fish and shrimp, as well, but I wanted to just try vegetables on my first try.

I’ll admit that the sushi that is pictured were some of the last ones I made and by far were the nicest looking ones. But I “sort of” got the hang of it and I plan to try again sometime. I think it might be one of those skills that takes some practice. In the meantime, TM and I aren’t afraid to even the uglier ones that didn’t make the picture, and I may take a few pieces for lunch tomorrow too.