Busy, and unusual, Sunday morning

Good morning — this morning I’ve been doing some food prep, that while, if eaten together, might be a pretty strange food combination.

First, we had oatmeal with pears and apples when we got up. I had been wanting to try making oatmeal in the slow cooker and I tried it last night, using a small slow cooker since we only needed two servings of oatmeal. I used dried pears and dried apples with the oatmeal. TM said it made the oatmeal taste like apple dessert. We just topped it with a little milk.

After reading the newspaper,  I prepped a turkey breast to go into the oven later this afternoon.  It was a six pounder that I put into a cooking bag with salt, pepper and a little poultry seasoning. We’ll have it tonight with some asparagus, maybe something else, just not sure what yet.

Then, I started cooking two cups of short grain brown rice on the stove top (pictured, but rice doesn’t make much of a picture, does it?). It needs so much babysitting to keep it from boiling over. I’ve never made short grain brown rice before but it looks really good, creamier than long grain rice. I plan to try making homemade brown rice sushi later today and I’ll post about that experience too. It will be California rolls since I avocado, cucumber and carrots on hand. Should be interesting…

Finally, I mixed together a batch of granola bars, adding dried currants (is dried currants redundant?)to them this time. I have them baking in individual pans in the oven now for breakfast and snacks all week.