First time making Bulgogi

I am a recipe tester for Clean Eating magazine and one of the recipes they asked me to test this month was for Pork Bulgogi. I had no idea what bulgogi was but after using to search, I learned that bulgogi is a Korean dish that is typically made with beef that is marinated and then grilled.

In this case the recipe called for pork tenderloin instead and the meat was broiled not grilled. The pork was marinated in a mixture of scallions, garlic, fresh ginger, sesame oil, soy sauce, honey and mirin. The meat was marinated for an hour, before I broiled it.

Our recipe suggested we served them in butter lettuce wraps along with brown rice and thinly sliced cucumbers. This was a nice change from just having pork tenderloin with rice and also looks quite appealing on the plate.

I’ll try to link to the actual Clean Eating recipe when it’s published, probably in a few months. I have six other recipes that I can test in the next week and hoping to squeeze in at least one more before their deadline.  (Note:  This magazine does publish recipes that don’t follow my personal definition of “real food” but also have many great recipes and inspiration for great “real food” meals.”)