Trick for making corn tortillas

Tonight we had tacos with homemade refried beans, some taco meat, salsa that I canned last fall and some cabbage, Oh, and corn tortillas, that I made from scratch using my tortilla press.

I found a trick on the Internet that helped make the tortilla press easier to use. Instead of wrapping the press in plastic wrap, I used a gallon size Ziploc bag instead. I split it along three sides and placed it on the press with the remaining seam lined up with the press. Just plop a golf ball size ball of dough on the press and bring the 2nd side of the bag down over it. You have plastic on both sides of the press, but don’t have to struggle with the plastic wrap not staying in place.

I think it works even better since the plastic bags are stronger than plastic wrap. I’ll use this trick again soon.