“What’s In That?” Wednesday — Smoked Oysters

I went digging in my kitchen cupboard to find something different so that I could revive “What’s in That? Wednesday.” And I came up with this:

Not going to eat these today but comforting to know they are in the pantry for when I want a quick snack — smoked oysters on a Triscuit cracker.

But, are those smoked oysters real food?  Let’s see.

The ingredient listing meets the “fewer than five ingredients” criteria, coming in at just three ingredients: smoked oysters, cottonseed oil and salt.

The only ingredient that might need some research was cottonseed oil, since I really wasn’t sure.

According to Wikipedia, Cottonseed oil is a refined cooking oil extracted from the seeds of cotton plants. The extraction happens using chemical solvents. Similar to vegetable and soybean oil, it would be considered more of a non-healthy oil. Now that I’ve learned that, I guess these smoked oysters are not such a great “real food” choice.