Sunday meal prep for a busy week ahead

With a busy week ahead of me, I spent some time Sunday getting some food options ready, along with making four lunches. (I typically make four lunches on Sunday evening, with the assumption that something will come during the week and there will be one day that I have lunch plans and won’t need to bring my lunch.)

Before I went to bed Saturday night, I put together a slow cooker full of refried beans. They are great for lunches, or a quick dinner after work, and they freeze well. It’s a nice treat to pull out of the freezer when you are out of immediate options.

Sunday morning, I made a batch of spiced pumpkin muffins, for a few to eat, a few to share with my father and a couple left over to pack in lunches. This was my first time trying this recipe, and they are delicious and something I’ll be making more often.  I also hard boiled six eggs to have on hand.

Knowing that I had the refried beans ready to go, later Sunday I made 12 whole wheat tortillas. Again, they are nice for lunches, but also a good option for a chicken wrap or quesadilla after work. I still rave to my friends about how easy it is to make homemade whole wheat tortillas.

By evening, I was ready to make my lunches. I had some asparagus on hand that I decided to grill in my grill pan on top of the stove. Grilled asparagus is good chopped in a salad, or reheated later as part of dinner.

While making lunches, I also put a bowl on the counter to quickly throw together a salad for dinner tonight. This salad includes both a large assortment of vegetables and some iceberg lettuce (surprise, I rarely buy iceberg lettuce), but also a few slices of strawberry and a handful of blueberries. I drizzled it with balsamic vinegar before I ate it.

Lunch 1

Carrot, celery, cauliflower, and green pepper sticks, homemade veggie dip (random combination of Greek yogurt, sour cream, dried onion, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds), green olives stuffed with jalapenos, whole wheat tortilla that I’ll roll up with the peanut butter and blueberries inside, and a chocolate.


Lunch 2

Chopped salad including iceberg letter, tomato, cauliflower, hard boiled egg, carrots, grilled asparagus; balsamic vinegar to drizzle on the salad, kiwi, pumpkin muffin and pistachios.


Lunch 3

Refried beans topped with cooked green pepper chunks and thin slices of pepper jack cheese (I put this in a separate container that I can reheat at work when I’m ready to eat) plus lettuce, tomato and scallions to add to the beans, a small container of salsa also to top the beans, a whole wheat tortilla, plus a spiced pumpkin muffin and a chocolate.


Lunch 4

Another chopped salad similar to the one from lunch 2 except for the egg, but instead I included a hard boiled egg on the side, Greek yogurt that I will topped with some of the canned peaches from the jar the morning that I take this lunch. Now, this lunch looks a little sparse, so I’ll probably throw in some crackers the day that I bring it.





Refried beans


Whole wheat tortillas


4 lunches


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