Book Club — is it really about the books?

My Book Club met at my place last night. I guess the book might be perceived as extraneious, but we did read a book, “Shattered Innocence: The Abduction of Jaycee Dugard – The Untold Story” by Robert Scott. We quickly decided that it was a good book, but not a great book. It was an interesting way to hear the facts about this true story about the horror that one young girl endured for way too many years.

And of course there were glasses of wine and snacks. But this is a food blog, so let’s talk about the snacks. I had prepared four items.

Brie with crackers, honey almonds, and grapes

I got the Brie at Costco and serve it at room temperature. The crackers were not “real food,” but you could substitute Triscuit crackers.

Green Goddess Dip with carrots, celery, peppers and cherry tomatoes

I try not to serve the old standard, ranch dip. This was the first time I made this recipe for Green Goddess Dip and I felt it had just a little too much vinegar but overall was good. My guests said they liked it. I had see this idea for serving dip and veggies in single-serving cups and that makes it very easy to serve.

Cucumber Shrimp Appetizer

These appetizers made with cucumber and shrimp sounded really good when I read the recipe online. I think they tasted fine, but I doubt I would make them again. I didn’t think they turned out looking as good as I expected. Maybe next time I would try larger pieces of shrimp? Also, I left out the pineapple from the recipe online and I added in a little chopped celery.

Chocolate Date truffles

These chocolate date truffles were a hit. I’m always worried that others will be wary of a dessert item made with dates, but everyone LOVED them. They are so easy to make and I plan to just “get over my issues with serving dates, since I’m learning that people do like them. (I got this Scandinavian plate from my great aunt. The script is all about serving cheese, but I guess no one noticed.)

(BTW, I know it’s Wednesday. My apologies for posting about book club versus coming up with a “What’s In That” Wednesday post.)