And the bananas just fell to my feet…

The frozen bananas fell out of the freezer door at my feet. It was like they were begging for their chance to move along in another direction. Hanging out in the freezer was so yesterday. (Whenever bananas start to look brown, I typically toss them into the door of the freezer so they are ready for a day like today.)

I decided to accommodate them by making a few loaves of banana bread.  I searched on the web for a recipe that uses whole wheat flour and is sweetened with honey, in order to make it fit my definition of “real food.”

I found this recipe for Whole Wheat Banana Nut Bread and made two loaves. The introduction to the recipe says that it is very moist and I’d agreed. I also was not able to taste the difference from banana bread made with processed white flour. I made two loaves because I thought maybe I would bring one loaf to work to share, but, maybe not?