“What’s In That?” Wednesday — Delta “Flight Delights” snack box

I gotta admit it’s hard for me to pass up the snack boxes on a flight. I just love getting a variety of little snack items. I get to try some new things, and it helps pass the time on the plane.

This week, I opted for the Delta “Flight Delights” snack box. At first glance, it appears to be a pretty good option for someone who is health conscious. It’s got baked snack items, plus some nuts and dried fruit – it has to be pretty good.

Here’s a list of what it included and what you can learn by reading the labels (which I had plenty to time to do on a 3-hour flight):

  • Stacy’s brand® Pita chips – baked, but not whole wheat
  • wild garden™ traditional hummus dip – a good “real food” choice with only a few ingredients (I used to buy these for my work lunches before I started making my own hummus)
  • Somersaults® Santa Fe Salsa Sunflower Seed Snacks – baked, but not whole wheat, not very good tasting either, by the way
  • Kings delicious® Fruit & nut mix — I counted three almonds total in the bag; mostly this was a tiny bag dried fruit and all fruit had sugar added during the drying process
  • back to nature® honey graham Sticks — sugar, enough said
  • nutella® Spread — made with hazelnuts, but contains more sugar and palm oil than hazelnuts
  • Surf Sweets® Jelly beans — basically just sugar, coated with more sugar

What I learned by reading the labels is that all of the items in this snack box with the exception of the hummus, may be relative good choices overall but  were definitely not “real food.”

And, in looking at the menu, there was another option that was a better choice, the fruit and cheese plate. It included an assortment of cheddar, havarti, smoked gouda, and brie cheeses accompanied by granny smith and braeburn apple slices, red grapes, crackers, and pecans. I am guessing the crackers were not whole wheat, but overall, this is probably what I’ll get on my return flight.