Trust Lisa and her Whole Wheat Tortillas

I know that I’ve read Lisa Leake’s recipe for Whole Wheat Tortillas at least 20 times. I wanted to believe that they were as easy to make as they sounded, but I just couldn’t. After three different failed attempts at whole wheat pitas, I just kept thinking that it couldn’t be as easy as she made it sound.

Well, tonight I looked at the recipe again and thought it was finally time to try them. And, man, am I glad I did. I have to admit they are as good as she says they are, and now I know these will become something that I make often.

Because I was skeptical, I decided to only make half a batch — that way, if they didn’t turn out, I wouldn’t have to throw out so many. I used my heavy duty mixer with a dough hook. The dough turned out great. I got rid of my rolling pin when I downsized houses so I used a very nice glass vase that I got flowers in last Valentine’s Day! (grin)

This was also my first time trying coconut oil, which I’ve had in my pantry for more than a month now. I used it in the pan to fry the tortillas. Actually, I used it to fry about 3/4ths of the tortillas. At that point, the oil reached it’s smoking point and I abandoned this idea. I guess frying at higher heat with coconut oil maybe isn’t recommended? Think I may have a topic for more research….

At that point, I got out a nonstick frying pan to see how that worked. This pan worked great and I will use this method in the future. I even wondered if my wok would work since it’s a larger area than my pan?

I admit that I tasted the first one shortly after taking it out of the pan. When I had them all made, I put some jalapeno cheese on top of the last one and left it in the pan until the cheese melted. Delicious!