Delicious spaghetti bake

We needed something different than all the holiday leftovers for dinner last night so I went rummaging in the freezer. I found a large container labeled “spaghetti sauce” and I took it out. It was kind of hard to discern what all was in there when it was frozen, but after thawing, it looked like a combination of TM’s venison sausage, mushrooms, peppers and homemade spaghetti sauce. So, what to do with it?

I threw some whole wheat penne in a kettle to cook. Then, layered a few noodles with the spaghetti sauce into some new single-serving oven safe dishes that I received as a Christmas present (love them!). I sprinkled on some fresh parmesan and popped them into a 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes.  When I took them out, they looked just like this:

We each had one for dinner and there are two more in the refrigerator for tomorrow.  These turned out to be delicious, especially as a nice surprise from a few months earlier and a change from the sort of meals we’ve been eating lately. We’ll definitely try this again.