Happy New Year served with steak and scallops

TM put himself in charge of our New Years Eve meal and that was fine with me. A few days before, he headed to the Casselton Cold Storage to get some steaks and came home with two huge (yes, really, huge) rib eye steaks. I’m pretty sure they were almost two inches thick.

So, I thought that sounded good, but not good enough to him. A few days later, we had to stop in Fargo to get some scallops too. I love scallops.

Last night, he fired up the charcoal grill (yep, I said charcoal, that’s my favorite) to grill the steaks. He cooked the scallops in the house on the stovetop with just some olive oil, butter and garlic.

I did get a little involved in a side dish, chopping up two sweet potatoes that I had in the fridge, with a little scallion, red and orange pepper, olive oil and steak seasoning and roasting them in the over at 450 degrees for about 30 minutes, just until they get brown and crispy on the outside.

But, I couldn’t put them into the oven until his key lime pie was done — yeah, I said that too, his key lime pie…made from scratch. I have no idea how he makes them and I doubt it’s “real food,” but man, it’s good. And this guy makes them from scratch!

So, that was dinner (along with a few slices of my homemade bread and butter pickles)… tasted delicious. What did you have?