Oatmeal topped with spiced apples and toasted almonds

We have a large basket full of apples on the kitchen counter, and no one is eating them. Well, I guess I am eating a few but we just have too many apples.

So, yesterday for breakfast, I wanted to make sure to include apple and I tried something different in our steel cut oats.  While the oatmeal was cooking, I chopped up one of the apples and threw it into a frying pan with some butter, vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. It looked like too much cinnamon, in fact, but it turned out fine, so I guess the trick is to put in a lot of cinnamon, like maybe two teaspoons?  I sautéed the apples just to soften them.

The oatmeal was still cooking so I got out another frying pan and threw in some slivered almonds to toast. As Rachael Ray says, “your nose will know when they are done” and they smell delicious.

So, here’s what breakfast of steel cut oats topped with milk, spiced apples, toasted almond slivers and some honey drizzled on top looked like. Yum!