Planning a holiday meal (including my recipe for Party Potatoes!)

TM and I are hosting my family for Christmas Eve tonight on Friday, Dec 21 this year. Part of what I like about entertaining is thinking about and planning the food, but I also like preparing and serving it too.

We’ve solved our problem about how we can seat nine people around my table that only seats six. We’ll be setting up some temporary tables in the living room, because I want it to be a seated dinner, not a buffet.

So, moving on to the menu. Here’s what we’ll be having…

Party potatoes

Peel 8-10 potatoes. Boil them in water with quite a bit of salt. While the potatoes are boiling, dice one medium onion into small pieces.

Mash potatoes with half of a large carton of sour cream, about 1/8 cup of butter, more salt and some pepper. Add milk, if necessary, when mashing the potatoes. Add the diced onions to the potato mixture. Bake the potato mixture in a casserole for 45 minutes at 350 degrees. I usually put another big spoonful of butter on top before baking. Serve with more butter. (Hey, it’s a holiday, right?)