Honey Glazed Almonds

For the holidays, I thought it might be nice to make some candied nuts to have on hand, and I found a recipe on Food Network for Honey-Glazed Almonds.  The recipe looked simple enough and I had a large container of almonds on hand.

All I had to do was stir together a sticky mess of almonds, honey and cinnamon. I ended up adding a little extra honey to make sure all the nuts were coated. Then I put them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and popped them into the over. I checked them at 25 minutes and they were definitely done, even starting to smell a little burned but that turned out to be the coating that had run off the almonds.

These nuts are not as sweet as what you might be used to with sugared almonds, but still pretty good.  There are many recipes on the web that called for more spices, and I may try some of those next time, just to see if more flavor makes a difference.

(Sorry that I missed posting most of last week. We ended up eating some items out of the freezer and I didn’t cook much. Too busy with the holidays and the NDSU Bison football game, I guess. I made homemade chicken and dumpling soup yesterday for us to eat this week.)