Here’s another lunch roundup

Sunday night included another challenge of finding things for another week of lunches. You’ll notice that I had a few leftovers that helped, and I took advantage of some of the canning I did in the fall. I was pretty light on fresh vegetables in the refrigerator.  Here’s what I’m having this week:

Lunch 1:  Leftover chicken, broccoli and spaghetti squash. TM suggested the soy sauce for this concoction of leftovers from two separate meals. (I had this lunch Monday and the soy sauce was a good idea.) Also in this lunch is some pickled okra (purchased), home canned peaches, pistachios and a small chocolate bar.

Lunch 2: A HoneyCrisp apple (yum!) with some peanut butter to put on the slices, carrots, pistachios, AkMak crackers and slices of pepper jack cheese, and another small chocolate piece.

Lunch 3: More of the same leftovers from lunch 1 but this time I sprinkled it with steak seasoning instead, greek yogurt with some canned peaches hidden underneath (to stir in when eaten) and some honey to put on top, canned artichokes (one of my favorites) and a small piece of chocolate.

Lunch 4: Whole wheat pita with tuna, carrot chunks, sliced cherry tomatoes and Miracle Whip (not real food) to make a quick tuna salad, more canned artichokes and some dried plums. There is also a small piece of chocolate again, but I guess I missed that in the picture.


If you want to see my previously published lunch round up, check here. What are you having for lunch this week?