So what about when you’re traveling…

I’ve spent the last two weeks traveling, a lot. Really, traveling too much, but that’s another story that’s not that relevant to this topic. Eating “real food” while traveling can be a challenge. If you search the web, you will have lots of tips for finding real food. I started jotting down some thoughts last week and I’m including some of my own tips below.

I stayed at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle last week. It was a large group work session and nearly all the meals were served buffet style but that didn’t mean low quality. The food at this hotel is top notch.  Here are some pictures of some of what I ate last week (and I have to admit, this doesn’t meet my definition of “real food. More on that later.)

The buffets were a challenge for me. I wanted to taste everything. If I tasted everything, I ended up with a lot of food on my plate and some of it not “real food.” Over the course of the week, I learned a few cool things about the food we were having. First, it was all organic, all of it, wow!  (That doesn’t mean it still isn’t processed, but it does show a commitment to quality food.) I also learned that the honey served at the Fairmont with several meals is local honey, and I mean really local. The hotel has bee hives on the roof top, where the honey is harvested. To me, that was just really fun to learn.

So, back to my tips:

Breakfasts can be a breeze — Typical breakfasts are usually full of “real food.” Look for eggs, fruit, whole wheat bagels or muffins, and oatmeal. Yes, I know that the whole wheat items probably are have some preservatives, but they are still full of fiber and good for you.

Look for the best option — Keep “real food” in mind and just try to make the best choices you can with what is available. Good options are salads, meats without sauces, vegetables and fruit. My hotel had lots of choices for vegetable sides, for example.

Are you hungry? — I used this strategy a few times. The conference had so much food available so often and I knew I was eating a lot. I tried to ask myself if I was just eating because the food was available or if I was really hungry. Did it work? Sometimes (wink)