“What’s In That?” Wednesday — Salt

Salt — it seems like a “real food” that can’t trip you up. It’s just salt, right? Well, have you checked the label?

Surprised? I know I was! There are three other ingredients in one of the most common brands of salt, and one of them pass the test for being easily recognizable and found in your local grocery store.

So, what are these other ingredients:

Calcium Silicate — a white powder with a low bulk density and high physical water absorption. It is used as an anti-caking agent in salt and to absorb moisture. A white free-flowing powder derived from limestone and diatomaceous earth, calcium silicate has no known adverse effects to health. This salt contains less than 1/2 of a percent of calcium silicate

Potassium Iodide — iodine added to make iodized salt; added to tale salt to help with the functions of the thyroid gland and to help prevent goiter.

Dextrose — sugar, plain old sugar; dextrose is used to stabilize the iodine in iodized salt. I looked online and this salt contains 4/10 of a percent of dextrose

For the most part, even this salt is really mostly salt, I just thought you might be as surprised as I was that it’s not only salt. If any of these ingredients concern you, just remember to read the label and find salt that’s just that – salt!