Add some healthy zing to your crudite

A few years ago, I discovered hummus. I know it’s been popular in other regions for years and years, but with my friends and family, it hasn’t really caught on much, although I think it’s growing in popularity in North Dakota. I love it. It’s a tasty dip for vegetables (I love fresh crudité) and much better for you than “ranch.”  (Incidentally, I’m not much for ranch dip, not sure why.) I do make other fresh vegetables dips, but hummus is starting to be my “go to.”

I needed a quick addition to the lunch I was making so I got out my blender. One thing about hummus, it’s easy to keep the ingredients on hand so you can whip up a batch at a moments notice. You can find tahini, the only ingredient that is probably less familiar to you, in all local grocery stores and it needs to be stored in the refrigerator.

It’s a great dip for an adventurous cook; you can eat it plain or add in other flavorings (the “zing”) to make it taste even better. Some of my favorite additions are chipotle or jalepeno peppers, sundried tomates, or roasted red peppers. If you’ve tried hummus in the past and didn’t think you liked it, make another batch with some zing and you might be surprised.

I generally use a variant of this Hummus in the Blender recipe, mainly just to get the ratios of the ingredients about right. You can find many other recipes if you search, but they will generally be about the same as this one. You can make hummus in a blender or in a food processor.

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  1. You can vary the beans you use to make the hummus as well. I’ve made it using black-eyed beans and it’s yummy (although people do ask what the black specks are!) and I keep meaning to try other bean variations as well.

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