“What’s In That?” Wednesday — Whole Wheat Bread

For today’s “What In That” Wednesday, I wanted to tell you about a whole wheat bread option that I’ve found at the local Great Harvest Bread Co. It’s called Berry Goodness and it’s delicious. I even eat it without butter or any other topping. Dried blueberries and craisins put this bread over the top, in my opinion. Here’s what my breakfast looked like Monday as I scrambled to get into the car and off to work.

If you look at most whole wheat bread in your local grocery store, even the loaves you’ll find in the bakery section or in the health food freezer, you’ll find a long list of ingredients, all unnecessary. Great Harvest Bread Co. makes whole wheat bread the old-fashioned way, with only “real food” ingredients. Their whole wheat bread has just five ingredients: whole wheat flour, honey, water, yeast and salt. (I can easily pronounce each of those ingredients.)  Here’s the label from the Berry Goodness bread. It goes over my 5-ingredient rule, but I think it’s OK. Each is a “real food” ingredient (although craisins do contain some added sugar.)

Great Harvest Bread Co can be a little bit out of the way, but I think it’s worth it. Their bread freezes well and whole wheat bread is very filling and an easy way to manage portion control without feeling hungry.