“Real Food” at West Fargo’s newest store

I had a chance to check out the new Costco is West Fargo this weekend. I’m pretty sure I saw you there, along with most of the rest of the residents of the greater Fargo-Moorhead area. Wow, they must have had a fantastic first week because it was so BUSY there.

I wasn’t sure if this store would be worth the cost of admission, but after checking it out, I think it will be.

For food items, I only picked up a few things, including cheddar cheese with no fake coloring, individually wrapped cheese that will work great in my lunches, prepackaged but fresh pomegranate seeds (very convenient to have them fully cleaned when you buy them) and some freeze dried fruit that passes my personal “real food” test but they are obviously not as good for you as the non-freeze dried version of the fruit. I am planning to use them as a quick dessert occasionally in my lunches.

Here’s a quick list of some of the other items I saw at Costco that I plan to go back for when I need them:

  • Quinoa in larger packages than I usually find locally
  • Large variety of many kinds of fruit, including papaya, mango, and Honey Crisp apples
  • Many other wonderful looking cheeses that I can’t wait to try
  • Tahini for making homemade hummus
  • Huge box of seaweed for when I finally decide to make my own sushi
  • Nuts of all varieties
  • Medjool dates for making chocolate treats and at a great price
  • Big bottles of spices (Wow, I use a lot of spices since I starting cooking so many items from scratch)
  • Meat and seafood, including some awesome looking prawns and very affordable rotisserie chicken
  • There’s even more…. I should have made a list when I was there

I also noticed a larger selection of organic items at Costco, if that is an important aspect to your grocery shopping.