Are you a pinner?

Pinterest is all the rage and I’m sure a few of you out there pinning like crazy. I find that I pin a lot of recipes and probably actually make about 1% of them. But, it’s fun to look at the many, many recipes out there, or home projects, or fashion, or whatever.

On my Pinterest boards, you’ll find a ton of recipes, yes, really a ton. I pin more every day. Follow me if you want to see which “real food” recipes I’m considering or even (wait for it) actually making.  The recipes that I pin are “real food,” or very close. By “close,” I mean that I think that the recipe could easily be made with unprocessed ingredients as substitutes. For example, if there are reciples that call for white flour, I don’t pin it unless I think whole wheat flour would probably work. Or, if it calls for a sweetener, when I make that recipe, I plan to try using honey or maple syrup.

Here’s a run down of some of my boards:

  • Food: Appetizers — recipes for one of my favorite food groups. There are an abundance to choose from and I look forward to one day having a great party with only “real food” options
  • Food: Entrees — here you’ll find all the recipes with meat as one of the primary ingredients; it might be beef, fish or poultry
  • Food: Side dishes — great looking vegetable or starch recipes that would be awesome paired with one of the appetizers. You’ll find many other categories that start with “Food” to lead you to other options, such as breads or soups..
  • “On the fence” food — recipes I’m just not ready to give up on. They are pretty close to “real food,” but don’t make the cut, and they look very good
  • 100 days of no processed foods — the board I use to pin “real food” resources to help me determine which ingredients are “real,” for example
  • Artichoke — Yeah, I really have a board for artichoke recipes, because I just love them that much!
  • Garden — Links to tips and tricks that I want to remember for next year’s garden or flower

A little off topic, but I also have boards on triathlons and snowmobiling (I love snowmobiling!).