Parsley, chives and basil coming soon

I’ve been buying more fresh herbs as a way to season our “real food,” and I’ve learned two things:

1) Fresh herbs can be quite expensive — usually at least a dollar for a small package, but I paid as much as $3 for a bunch of organic dill the day I really wanted to make pickles and it was the only dill I could find (yes, I know, dill grows like a weed, where were you and your dill plants the day I was looking?)

2) Fresh herbs come in packages too large for those making just one meal here or there — I bought fresh mint for a fruit salad over labor day, used a small portion of it and ended up throwing out the rest a week or so later.

So, I’ve been thinking that I need to plant some fresh herbs and I finally did it. Finding the seeds was a bigger challenge this time of year than I expected. I started out looking for established plants but gave up on that. I was able to find some sorry looking seeds on sales at Lowes, and those are what I ended up planting.

The package included parsley, chives, and basil. I’m trying that out first. (I have no idea what to do with chives?) It’s only been a few days, but so far, it just looks like pots of black dirt. I really wanted cilantro and mint also, but I think that will need to wait until spring.

In the meantime, I’ll try to give you some photographic updates in a month or so to let you know how my “indoor farming” is going.

7 thoughts on “Parsley, chives and basil coming soon”

  1. If you want to save your herbs, place the leaves in an icecube tray, fill with water, freeze them then place the frozen cube in a baggie till you need them next time.
    Also, we made mint syrup with out mint and just pour that over fruit or ice cream. yum!

  2. Chives are good in many things, adding a bit of color and a bit of a mild onion flavor. Chop a few and add to cottage cheese. Add to many homemade dips.

  3. Let us know how they do, please! I’ve tried herbs inside in the winter before but never had much luck, because I think they need LOTS of sun (especially if they’re inside). But if you make it work, I will try it again! 🙂

  4. My chives survived over winter last year — outside and in pots. Years ago I tried planting chives and they did not survive. They say that in pots, they maybe should be close to the house and somewhat protected. I currently have two pretty big pots of chives out on the deck —

  5. I planted a basil plant outside this year, next to my house. I absolutely loved having the fresh basil for cooking, and the plant grew to be huge. Of course, it has now succumbed to our first frost, but will definitely have it again next year, and would be interested in seeing how it works for others having it inside in a pot.

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