End of the garden?

Last night, we picked the last of what was in the garden.  TM brought in the final honeydew melon and two green peppers. I picked about five cucumbers and maybe 10 tomatoes that were just stating to ripen. The forecast was for a heavy frost, which would probably kill anything left out there.

There were still about twenty green onion plants out there and we didn’t pick them. I am hoping they can survive the frost since they taste best if you just pick them and use them immediately. I did dehydrate some earlier this year but I haven’t really figured out a way to preserve them without drying them. Does anyone else have an idea?

So, we’re now ready to start consuming all the frozen and canned items that we worked so hard for. This morning, I made us smoothies using some of our frozen honeydew melons, orange juice and bananas. They were very good.

One thought on “End of the garden?”

  1. We place our onions 1 layer deep in a cardboard flat in the basement in our canning room and they last most of the winter if it is cool and dry in the basement.

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